About Audienceware

Audienceware is a managed services company, specialising in marketing technology including web, email, analytics and CRM, with offices in Australia and the UK.

Audienceware’s aim is to empower you the client, and remove technology challenges as a barrier to their marketing success, by taking on management of the hardware, software - even ‘peopleware’ - issues to leverage technology and the skills required to power it, for marketing success.

As such our services range from the most technical (hosting, server construction, configuration and management, software and application development, database administration) through the ‘softer’ less technical, including content management, ‘knowledge transfer’ and coaching, working closely with you.

By adapting your needs as a client, the Audienceware model empowers your in house resources to achieve and build on marketing success, bolstering their capability through automation, continuously improving through the infusion of analytics and measurability across marketing process and the customer lifecycle.